Denton Hoyer, Ph.D.

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Director of Chemistry
600 West Campus Drive, West Haven, CT 06516

Denton Hoyer, Ph.D. is Director of Chemistry of the Yale Center for Molecular Discovery. Dr. Hoyer’s expertise lies in the application synthetic chemistry, computational chemistry and medicinal chemistry to the discovery of biologically active molecules.  Dr. Hoyer joined the Center in 2011 having previously worked at in the drug discovery laboratories of Pfizer, Novartis and Sterling Winthrop where he led various chemistry efforts for project teams in the antibacterial, inflammation, cardiovascular and cancer therapeutic areas. He also advised teams on the evaluation of drug lead qualities and the toxicological risk assessment of chemical lead matter. Dr. Hoyer also has expertise in the isolation and development of natural products as drug leads. Dr. Hoyer obtained a Ph.D. in chemistry under A.I. Meyers at Colorado State University and a post-doctoral position under Peter G. Schultz at the University of California, Berkeley.