Education is a key mission of the Center. Our educational activities seek to convey unique features of drug development that often distinguish the research activities within Yale from those conducted in biopharmaceutical companies.

The specific educational activities provided by the Center include:


The General Nanocourse is held at least semi-annually and introduce concepts associated with target and drug discovery. Our next Nanocourse date is TBD.  Please check back in the Spring for updates.

Training By Request

Based on the popularity of the General Nanocourse, we are introducing Training by Request.  We’ve noticed that members of the Yale community have timely needs for relevant, hands-on training in the areas of enzymatic assays and cell-based assays.  We’ll schedule you to visit the Center, often shadowing us while we are conducting similar projects, to build confidence in the skills you need to further your research.  For Image Analysis, we can come to your laboratory to work with you and teach pipeline creation in the freeware program CellProfiler. 

As always, all Nanocourses are free to members of the Yale community.

Please contact with your request for training. 

Group Meeting Presentations By Request

If you are interested in learning more about YCMD, or in discussing a specific idea or a project, YCMD staff can come and do a presentation in your laboratory.  Presentations will be customized based on your specific needs.  They can cover general YCMD capabilities, or specific biology and/or chemistry services relevant to your project.  These presentations are offered as part of our education mission to all interested members of Yale community. 

Please contact or any of our staff members with your request for a presentation. 


The Center sponsors a 10-week student summer internship for undergraduates.  Applications and project opportunities are generally announced in early April.  Successful candidates will be assigned an independent research project in an area of interest directly relevant to Center activities. 

Natural Products

Center staff work with Yale faculty and undergraduate students in the isolate and characterization of natural products.  These activities support the work of Yale faculty with experience in isolating novel organisms from novel natural and experimental ecosystems.

Project-Based Learning

Projects in the Center are conducted by a team consisting of staff members with individuals from the investigator’s laboratory (often a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow). This partnership combines the deep expertise of the investigator with the broad drug development expertise of Center staff.