Congratulations To YCMD’s Dr. Surovtseva

September 1, 2015

A new exciting work from Dr. Pober lab was recently published in PNAS (PMID: 26195760).  The paper investigates the mechanism of non-canonical NF-kB pathway activation by complement membrane attack complexes (MAC).  The study elucidates important steps of pathway activation, describes the role of clathrin-mediated endocytosis and Rab5+ endosomes in MAC signaling, and has important translational implications by suggesting new therapeutic targets for controlling complement-mediated inflammation.  YCMD contributed to the publication by optimizing a high-throughput assay and conducting a genome-wide siRNA screen, which identified endocytosis and vesicular trafficking genes as important players in the MAC-induced non-canonical NF-kB pathway activation. Congratulations to Dan Jane-Wit and Jordan Pober (the first and corresponding authors of the study, respectively), Yulia Surovtseva (YCMD scientist who helped develop and conduct a whole-genome siRNA screen), and all other authors who participated in this exciting study!