Pilot Projects

Yale Center for Molecular Discovery Center -  Chemistry Pilot Project Program

Due Date: This is a rolling RFP with no application deadline.

Email: denton.hoyer@yale.edu

Award Decisions: Within three weeks of project application

Approximate Project Start:  Determine in partnerships with YCMD Chemistry

Project End Date:  Relates to Project Scope

Executive Summary

The Yale Center for Molecular Discovery is announcing an incentive program to underwrite molecular probe and chemical research activities performed at the Center. 

The Yale Center for Molecular Discovery (ycmd.yale.edu) provides biology and chemistry services to the Yale community.  Drawing upon the extensive experiences of our staff in the fields of target and molecular discovery, the Center offers access to small molecule compound and siRNA collections as well as expertise and instrumentation for high throughput assay design and execution. Our approach is service-oriented and results-driven. This call for proposals is specific for molecular probe synthesis and chemistry-enabled projects and does not include HTS screening or screen development.

All grants will utilize a 2:1 match to underwrite Center activities that accelerate or broaden applicants’ research field, obtain new funding or publications.

Typical projects covered by chemistry research include:

  • Novel compound design, synthesis and analogs
  • Synthetic route optimization
  • Preparation of non-commercially available molecular probes
  • Compound lead finding or optimization via structure-based design or ligand-based design.

Project selection is conducted by a panel review. All activities will be confidential and the investigator retains all intellectual property on any discoveries. Awards will be based on project goals, impact, methods, availability of reagents, and innovation.

Chemistry RFP guide

Chemistry RFP Application