About Us

Who we are

The Center is staffed by a team of experienced biomedical scientists with experience in both academia and the biopharmaceutical industry.  Our diverse experiences provide unique insights to advance projects through hurdles that sometimes limit applying promising academic research to fundamental challenges.

What we do

Our mission is to provide insight into biological mechanisms and disease targets. We provide expertise in compound and siRNA screening and high-content imaging.  We work with you to discover new chemical probes or biological functions to better understand disease or basic biochemical mechanisms and provide new opportunities for drug development.

What you can expect

We are professional. We work with you to understand your needs and together identify milestones, timelines and project costs to achieve success.

We are quantitative. We generate controlled numerical data, in replicate, to guide all phases of our work.  Signal, background and variability data drive decision making.

We are efficient. We can survey many assay conditions on a 384-well plate at once and generate more information quickly.

We are experienced. From a range of industry settings, our strategies are based on our experiences in applying technology and bioinformatics approaches to varied disease-based or biological research

We have useful tools and maintain them well. A good tool, correctly applied, simplifies a task. It saves reagents and time, and reduces variability, error and injury. 

What we can expect

Your needs are unique. You may have made your reagents and be the only person in the world with access and experience using them. Your project may be like none we’ve seen before.

Your resources are limited. We assist in writing grant applications by providing grant text, letters of support, biosketches, and other information as needed. We underwrite at least 50% of the costs of all activities performed in the Center for the Yale community.

You need to publish your research. We provide all relevant information to help support your funding proposals and publications. We work with you and OCR to protect your intellectual property.

Prior Funding: PITCH

Who to contact

Please contact Yulia at yulia.surovtseva@yale.edu or 203-737-3271 for questions.