Plate Readers

Available Detection Methods

Molecular Devices FLIPR: industry-renowned real-time kinetic cellular assay screening system for identifying early leads against GPCR and ion channel receptors. calcium, cAMP, cGMP, membrane potential, neurotransmitter transporter, fatty acid uptake, and cardiotoxicity assays available.

BMG Labtech PHERAStar: highest sensitivity, speed, and performance in luminescence, colorimetric, fluorescent intensity, fluorescent polarization, time-resolved fluorescent detection and dedicated AlphaScreen®/AlphaLISA® measurements.

Biotek Synergy Neo2: high performance in all detection modes: colorimetric, fluorescent intensity, fluorescent polarization, nanoBRET, time-resolved fluorescent, luminescent and AlphaScreen assays.

Tecan Inifinite M1000: monochromator-based readers to measure absorbance, fluorescence and luminescent signals.