Even more CRISPR!

January 20, 2022

We are pleased to announce an arrayed synthetic guide RNA (sgRNA) Human Druggable Subsets collection from Horizon Discovery is now available for CRISPR screening at YCMD.

The Drug Targets collection interrogates 4,643 genes over fifteen 384-well plates. Three unique sgRNAs per gene are combined together in each well for robust, reliable gene knockout.

Unlike pooled genome-wide libraries, this library can be screened in microscopy-based or platereader assays without the need for next-generation sequencing for deconvolution. Amenable assay types to assess the effect of loss of a single gene on cell function are numerous, including high content imaging, cell proliferation, fluorescence intensity, HTRF, BRET, reporter gene, and luminescence.

Find more information and a list of targeted genes here.