Translating Discoveries into Therapeutics: PITCH Program Application Workshop

September 28, 2015

Is your project or idea ready to translate into a new therapeutic? What data is needed to make you competitive for the next step?

The Yale Center for Molecular Discovery will be hosting an interactive workshop on Yale campuses in preparation for the November 15th, Program in Innovative Therapeutics for Connecticut’s Health (PITCH) Application Deadline.

The workshop will focus on answering questions below about novelty, target-disease connection and druggability, as well as provide tips for putting together a strong proposal.

1.            What constitutes a novel target for drug discovery?

2.            What background data can demonstrate a strong connection between a target and a disease?

3.            Target druggability: considerations on developing small molecule and/or biologics

4.            Hallmarks of a strong proposal

5.            Approaches building on literature/patents to rapidly progress to proof-of-concept data

We’ll be holding the workshop three times in October.

    Yale School of Medicine: October 7, noon – 1 PM, Hope Amphitheatre

    Science Hill: October 11, 2-3 PM, Chemical Research Building, Room 102

    Yale West Campus: October 13, noon – 1 PM, Building 800, Room 220

Feel free to bring your lunch. We’ll bring cookies.

Let us know if you have any questions about the events by emailing

For more information on PITCH visit the PITCH website