siRNA Library

The Dharmacon siGenome human genome library consists of 18,081 genes with updated annotation arrayed in 58, 384-well plates. Four siRNA duplexes targeting different regions of a single gene are pooled into a single well. The library is made up of three subsets.

Druggable Genome (9 plates – 2,732 genes) includes ion channels, proteases, phosphatases, kinases, ubiquitin conjugation proteins and G-protein coupled receptors. Download list of gene symbols.

Drug Targets (15 plates - 4,793 genes) includes genes involved in apoptosis, senescence, nucleic acid binding, autophagy, DNA repair, characterized nuclear receptors and potential therapeutic targets. Download list of gene symbols.

Human Genome (34 plates – 10,556 genes) includes genes not contained in other subsets including uncharacterized genes. Download list of gene symbols.

Please contact Yulia Surovtseva ( for the current per assay plate fee structure applicable to your project. Screening plates have a per assay plate fee structure dependent on the type of screen (compound or siRNA).