Self-Service Lab

YCMD’s Self-Service Lab provides access to screening equipment as a lower cost option to advance assay development and screening.

Self-Service Lab can be used to develop and optimize high-throughput assays, to assemble assays during screening, or to simply survey many assay conditions on a 384-well plate at once. Please note that while the equipment in the Self-Service Lab is not sufficient for the entire screening, it can be used for part of screening activities to defray screening costs. On-call staff member will be available each day if additional support is needed.


Instrumentation available in the Self-Service lab includes a complete set of repeater multichannel pipets (dispensing range 1 ul – 1 ml), multidrop liquid dispensers (dispensing range 1 ul – 390 ul), a plate centrifuge, plate mixers, and a multimode plate reader (luminescence, absorbance, fluorescence). Also available is a tissue culture room equipped with two biosafety hoods, cell culture incubators, multichannel pipets, multidrop liquid dispenser (dispensing range 2 ul – 390 ul) and a plate centrifuge. Room temperature, 4C, -20C and -80C storage space is available for short-term storage of reagents and supplies. For now, office space is also available for use during a scheduled laboratory session. The Self-Service Lab does not include systems for compound transfer and an imaging system.


YCMD will provide tips, pipets, Eppendorf and Falcon tubes, and reservoirs. PPE (lab coats, safety glasses, disposable gloves) is also provided by YCMD.  You will be responsible for supplying all reagents required for your assay as well as all cell culture media and supplements. 384-well plates required for your assay can be purchased from the on-call staff member at cost. 


Prior to access you will have a 1 hour training session related to the work you will be doing, charged at the Yale-Subsidized YCMD Use rate. We ask that you do not train others on the instruments - all users must be trained by YCMD staff member before they are granted access to the Self-Service Lab. To defray training expenses, multiple members from the same laboratory can be trained simultaneously.

Reservations and Sign-Up

To reserve Self-Service Lab, please follow this link. The labs are available Monday - Friday, 8:30AM until 5:00PM. 


Self-Service Lab Use fee - $50 per hour Yale, $120 per hour External

Full-Service YCMD Use fee - $130 per hour Yale, $350 per hour External

Empty 384-well or 96-well plates - at cost, plate-dependent