Plate Readers

Available Detection Methods

Molecular Devices FLIPRindustry-renowned real-time kinetic cellular assay screening system for identifying early leads against GPCR and ion channel receptors. calcium, cAMP, cGMP, membrane potential, neurotransmitter transporter, fatty acid uptake, and cardiotoxicity assays available.

BMG Labtech PHERAStarhighest sensitivity, speed, and performance in luminescence, colorimetric, fluorescent intensity, fluorescent polarization, time-resolved fluorescent detection and dedicated AlphaScreen®/AlphaLISA® measurements.

Biotek Synergy Neo2high performance in all detection modes: colorimetric, fluorescent intensity, fluorescent polarization, nanoBRET, time-resolved fluorescent, luminescent and AlphaScreen assays.

Tecan Inifinite: monochromator-based readers to measure absorbance, fluorescence and luminescent signals. 

Liquid Handlers

Custom Liquid Transfers

Labcyte Echo 550 : contact-free acoustic dispenser. DMSO or aqueous compatible. 2.5 - 1000 nl working range.  fully automated.

Beckman Coulter NXp: tip-based transfer. 2 - 200 ul working range. 96- or 384- well plate stamps or cherry-picking compatible. robot tip cost similar to standard tips.

Thermo MultiDrop Combi: peristaltic pump-based dispenser. 1 - 50 ul dispenses.

Thermo Equilizer Multichannel Pipette: ideal tool for reformatting between microfuge tubes, 96- and/or 384-well microplates.

Matrix PlateMate Plus: for 384 well transfers requiring BSL2.