Compound Synthesis and Outsourcing

  • Route design
  • Custom synthesis
  • Library synthesis
  • Sourcing of non-commercial chemicals

Assay Development

  • Biochemical assays: Enzyme, Protein-protein interaction, Protein binding
  • Cell Based assays: Proliferation, Viability, Toxicity, Apoptosis, Reporter, Signaling pathways, Protein expression, Image-based
  • Whole organism assays: Algae, Parasites, Seeds

High Throughput Screening

Screening Instumentation

HTS Screening Support

  • Triage
  • Clustering
  • Hit expansion
  • Chemical matter quality assessment
  • Conformation of hit identity
  • Ligand-based screening

Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design

  • Molecular modeling
  • Design for in-vivo activity

Optimization for:

  • Permeability
  • Cell activity
  • Target selectivity
  • Solubility
  • Pharmacokinetics

Detection Methods

  • Absorbance
  • Fluorescence: Intensity, Polarization, Time Resolved, Intracellular Calcium, Membrane Potential
  • Luminescence
  • AlphaScreen
  • Microscopy: Fluorescence and Brightfield

Molecular Probe Design

  • Fluorogenic probes
  • Target identification
  • Affinity identification

High Throughput Microscopy and Quantification of Image Features

Plating Compounds or Other Liquids

Support Grant Applications and Other Funding Opportunities

  • Act as contributor or co-investigator on design, synthesis, and medicinal chemistry grant sections
  • Collaborate on design and wording of Aims for optimal success
    • Center Directors will happily provide a letter of collaboration to accompany your grant submission. We can also provide biosketches and resources pages, and provide information about standard screening, follow-up and analysis methods, compound collections, instrumentation, medicinal chemistry and Center experience relevant to your goals. We request two weeks’ notice to prepare customized content for your application.

    • Should you decide your grant will be more competitive if you can demonstrate that your assay is already optimized for high throughput screening, or present preliminary results in 384-well format. The Center is happy to work with you to develop such datasets.

  • External Funding opportunities

Intellectual Property

  • Evaluate novelty of leads and patent landscape
  • Strategize on methods to introduce novelty while maintaining activity

Education and Training

Self Service Lab

Self Service Lab

Who to Contact

Please contact Yulia for help with biochemical or cell-based assays, assay development, screening, or imaging.

Please contact Denton for help with synthetic or medicinal chemistry.